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Sharing logins is a breach of our terms and conditions and we reserve the right to remove you from the platform if we see this occuring. While no one can stop you sharing your username and passwords with others (although that’s a really bad idea), if you do so, your Prezzos can only be personalised to one agent. So your Prezzos will show the photo and contact details of the account owner. Most importantly though, the Prezzo will post to their Facebook and social media. So if you’re worried about social media privacy and security, we really, really recommend you don’t share.
You sure can! HomePrezzo currently supports English, Chinese (Simplified), Cantonese, German and French. Just choose the language option in the Settings.
Ah! Rookie error. Sounds like you’re trying to share your HomePrezzo video BEFORE you finalised the video. It’s easy to fix. In your Dashboard, select the Prezzo you want and click Edit. Then, once you can see the preview, click Finalise. Finalising a video can take a few minutes. You might want to make a cup of coffee and come back to your screen, or you can select the option that will email you once it’s done. Once the video is finalised, you’ll see the video preview (not the HomePrezzo marketing) when you upload your video.
You sure can! HomePrezzo makes it easy to upload your video to YouTube by allowing you to connect to your YouTube account in the settings as part of the Service Integration options. In Settings, choose Service Integration to see the Service Providers you can connect to. Click the Connect button.   You’ll then be asked to agree to the terms and conditions of connecting your HomePrezzo account to YouTube. We promise to abide by the terms and not abuse your data!  
HomePrezzo comes with three ways to share your videos on Facebook. You can choose to simply share them by clicking the Share button, or you can copy and paste the code into your Facebook page. If you want to maximise how your video is assessed by the Facebook algorithm, you should upload your video. watch this quick video to see how.
You sure can! When you’re building your Prezzo, select Manual in the Recent Sales option. This will give you the option of choosing your own sales. Note though, that when you choose Manual settings, your Prezzo won’t automatically update. You’ll need to manually update Suburb Profile videos with new sales as they become available.
That depends! CoreLogic’s suburb data updates Monthly, so that’s the best option if you’re letting the video run automatically. But if you want to make sure your Prezzo has the most up to date recent sales, you might choose one of the more frequent update options. The suburb data will update as soon as it is available.
We love the automatic option for data updates because it means your Prezzos are updated every time CoreLogic’s data updates. And if you’ve got your Prezzo sitting on a website, it’s great to know your audience is seeing only the latest figures. But if any of the recent sales are missing a photo or is defaulting to a floorplan – and you don’t like that – or if you want to select only your own recent sales or recent sales made only by your agency, you’ll need to select the Manual option.
We recommend you upload a head and shoulders shot that is a .PNG or .JPEG file. 
We recommend that you upload a .PNG or a JPEG file as your logo. If you don’t want it to have a white box around it, make sure it is transparent.     
You can change the colour of your template, upload logos, turn background music on and off, change the language or even type new text into parts of your Prezzo. These can all be adjusted whenever you create a new Prezzo, or generally for all Prezzos within the Setting session. But it is not possible to make more detailed changes such as moving logos to different positions, turning off video scenes or changing the animations on the Prezzo templates. If you would like to create your own unique Prezzo templates, you should consider using CoreLogic’s Journobot which integrates with HomePrezzo.
Your decision on privacy options relates to the type of Prezzo you’re creating and who your audience is. If you’re creating a Suburb Profile Prezzo, you probably want as many people as possible to see that. Select Public to make sure your Prezzo has maximum SEO appeal. But if you’re creating a CMA Video that you are sending to a potential vendor, you might decide that it’s inappropriate to have that shared more broadly. As such, choose the Private option which means that only yourself and your client (or people that you share the link with) can view the Prezzo.
Don’t panic! We know how easy it is to forget passwords. Click the Forgot Password link and the CoreLogic team will get you set up quickly.
Yes, you need to be a customer of RP Data Professional and connect your HomePrezzo account to your RP Data account the first time you use HomePrezzo. If you need an RP Data Professional account, click here.
I already do videos as part of my content marketing. Why do I need HomePrezzo?   You may already be creating your own videos. You may already have a model for building reports. That’s great. But how much time do they take you? How many more listings could you win if you could shorten that process? And if you could add some more content to the mix quickly and easily to complement what you’re already doing, wouldn’t that help you engage with more buyers and sellers?
At HomePrezzo, our mission is to make it easy for real estate agents to create engaging and helpful videos and reports that provide useful information on the market and individual properties. We wrap this in a platform that is simple to use and can be shared with a click across Facebook, email, on websites and other social platforms to ensure you’re not just creating content, you’re sharing it and it’s working for you. Our videos and reports can be created in minutes, not hours or even days. So if you’re looking for a way to boost – or even create –  a video marketing strategy or a content marketing strategy, sign up for our free trial.

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