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How to – Create a Suburb Video

So you are not  100% sure how to create your own Suburb Report videos. Check out the short video below which shows you how to not only create the video but how to share it.

I have removed a video by accident. Do I need to recreate it?

Don’t worry about it. You can quickly and easily access your removed Prezzos Reactivating A prezzo takes only a few clicks of a button. Once logged into your account simply click the My Videos tab at the top of the screen. Click the “active” Tab which is located in a green box on the right…
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Do I need to update my prezzo stats manually?

No. HomePrezzo has auto-update options on certain templates like the Suburb Update. When you create the prezzo, we store the stats at that point in time so you can be confident in what you are sending to your clients. This includes the recent sales, listings and suburb statistics. You can select to auto-update your stats…
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Why can’t I create new prezzos at the start of each month.

The quick answer is you can. You may just need to free up existing credits.   Prezzos continue to be active month on month, If you have reached your subscriptions maximum allowable Prezzos you will need to upgrade your subscription or deactivate existing Prezzos to free up existing credits. Don’t worry though, your inactive Prezzos can…
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I’ve forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

Bummer. Head over to the login screen and select the link to reset your password. We will automatically send you a link to reset it and get you going again in no time.   If you receive the message that your account has not yet been activated, you will need to confirm your email before…
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I don’t have an CoreLogic RP Data Subscription. Can I still use HomePrezzo?

Yes, but not everything! Listing Videos are powered by your CRM provider so no external data provider is required. HomePrezzo can only be used in conjunction with a current CoreLogic RP Data Professional subscription for building Suburb Videos and Video CMAs as these require loading recent sales and statistics live. Request more information here: Get CoreLogic…
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Can I use my own agency colours?

Yes. There is a custom colour editor at the bottom of the theme colours section in the editor. Simply select the template colours from the spectrum or type in the HEX codes if you know them. There is also an option to invert/flip your background/foreground colours during the video. This creates a great effect, but…
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How do I embed prezzos on my website?

You have two options to embed on your website: 1. iframe in your html – Set the src to the ‘Embed’ link found on the edit page of your prezzo. It will be ‘’ These pages will automatically re-size to fit your website. 2. HTML5 Video – Finalise your prezzo, then download the ‘Bundle’. In…
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Can I Connect my Facebook or YouTube channel with HomePrezzo?

You certainly can and its real easy.  Log in Select Settings On the Left hand side of the screen press Service Integration. Select the Service you wish to connect to and follow the prompts. When you Create Prezzos you will now be able to publish them to your connected Facebook and/or YouTube accounts. Check out…
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